Gay ASMR: 5 Best Videos (and Channels)

It’s hard to find good ASMR channels when so many subpar videos exist.

Gay ASMR: 5 Best Videos (and Channels)

So we’ve compiled a ‘Top 5 List’ of the hottest gay male creators. – Now you can discover the best ASMR-tists, no matter what your sexual preference may be!

Regardless, these guys are amazing at triggering gentle feelings of relaxation.

Here are the best ‘Gay ASMR’ channels:

1. PJ Dreams


PJ Dreams is a channel run by a twink who loves testing the limits of how personal he can be. With hundreds of videos, you’ll never grow tired of having a young frat boy whispering in your ears.

In this clip, PJ has subscribers join him in bed while drifting to sleep:

Currently, he’s taking time off from college to pursue an ASMR career. As a result, this hot bi creator has an active social following where he interacts with fans.

2. Freds Voice


Freds Voice loads his channel with ASMR roleplay. Since he’s a total movie buff, there’s a lot of content related to ‘The Avengers’ and more. So if fantasy scenarios are your go-to category, then Fred will deliver the tingles!

The ASMR clip below demonstrates how he prepares for Comic-con:

An expert in the field, Thor daddy himself has made videos for over 7 years now. During that time, we’ve seen him go from hot to hunk before our eyes. Unfortunately for the gay guys out there, he’s happily married. But that doesn’t stop ‘Freds Voice’ from doing some amateur male modeling!

3. Ricky Odriosola


Ricky Odriosola is an openly bisexual man with an extra kick of Latin flair which keeps us coming back for more. Although his content may seem lewd, he regularly tells viewers it’s intentional!

Now listen to Ricky pleasure fans with some sensual ear licking:

Gay ASMR comes naturally to Mr Odriosola through a vast array of erotic video ideas. Also, he has a self-described high sex drive, which shows during his performances!

4. Zeitgeist


Zeitgeist uploads ASMR videos for anyone who has trouble experiencing tingles. In addition, he goes the extra mile to ensure viewers receive the relaxation they need.

Watch a compilation of ear cupping, whispering and tapping:

With a hot gay vibe and high-quality audio, Zeitgeist will be one of your favorite channels. Alongside his binaural mic buddy, “Frank,” he stays committed to making the best videos.

5. Obviously ASMR


Obviously ASMR’s soft features and cute accents are great for lustful gay fantasies. And this dream boy helps people visualize incredible places through an audio extravaganza.

During a popular clip, he calmly sits on the floor in a quiet room:

“You’re so good looking,” gushed a commenter. “This boy’s the definition of cute,” said another. To be honest, you’ll find it challenging to resist binging his entire collection of videos.

Our Takeaways

Whether you use ASMR for sleep or prefer audio satisfaction from gay guys…

For most, it guides them into a state of total bliss! – Regardless of your intentions, binaural sounds positively affect many peoples lives.

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